Newbie..My 1st Phantom kart should be..

We run turf tires( Lawn mower tires) & Predator bone stock motors. And run just for a trophy. So i guess you see the point. Which Phantom to start to look for for my 1st kart to purchase. Thanks


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Depends on much $$$$ you are willing to spend, the newer it is, the more $$$$ you will end up spending....
Not looking to spend alot. Due to what we have to work with on rules and racing for a trophy:ROFLMAO:. Older is fine with me. I'll only race maybe 2 times a month. Have my other dirt full size ride to due the other times. Going to pick my boy up a kart this weekend. Just wanted to get a good kart to race with my son.


I’d at least try to find an older kart with the L block style front end. That what your learning chassis tuning and tweaking on a chassis that will directly reflect what your next newer chassis will have on it


Got a friend who has a brand new nemesis with only 1 race on it when he bought it new and had 2 quit racn after he raced it 1 time medical reasons kart been sitting coverd up..