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Hi all. Got this kart (in pieces) and don't much about it. It's a Margay (model unknown) with a central machinery (96154) 11 hp. I can not find a decent manual anywhere. Need specs , plug gap , lash , etc. Fired up a couple times but that was it . Checked compression ,25 , so I hooked up an air line to plug hole. At tdc no leakage anywhere. Also , someone had the clutch side cover off to install a fitting to work a fuel pump (can I check that it's been reassembled correctly without disassemble). Want to check timing too....but no specs. Thanks for taking the time to read
I usually set valve lash at zero.once everything warms up and grows from the heat it ends up about .003 on a small block. Basically as long as there’s clearance you’re fine. I’d just go about .035 on the plug gap, and if the key is good in the flywheel I’d fun the timing where it’s at. These aren’t really high precision engines unless you blueprint and fine tune for absolute maximum power, but that another can of worms entirely.


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I'm with the Flyinhillbilly if it runs leave it alone .
If it ain't broke don't fix it .

That's the problem , it doesn't run. I , unfortunately , think now I should take the side cover off and make sure the timing marks are on. Someone must have taken it off to drill and tap for a fitting to operate a fuel pump. It appears they put it back together with just silicone,
It's getting gas and has spark. It has popped a flame or two out the straight pipe while attempting to start. Thanks for the quick replies


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Well thats different . Yes pop it open and look .
Ignition timing can change if the key shears on the flywheel .