NKA 2014 OHV200 (clone) Rules -Beta Version

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In case you haven't seen them, below are links to the 2014 NKA TrakBOOK OHV200 engine rules. Before reading the rules, please read the "Release Notes" to gain a full understanding of the reasoning and method behind the writing of these rules.

NKA has opened up these rules until November 22, 2013 for feedback. This can be given via tech@nkaonline.com. We appreciate the feedback we've already received from industry leaders and karters; this feedback is valuable and has been listened to as we've made a couple of adjustments on Friday & Saturday after the release on Thursday…

As is NKA's policy, we do not engage in debate or conversation on website forums. Please direct all questions or comments to tech@nkaonline.com or feel free to call us at 317-774-7021.

Link to Release Notes:

Link to 2014 OHV200 Rules -BETA VERSION:

Thank you in advance for your support and feedback!

That's a good question, and I think there is a lot of rumor about this going around, so I'm going to answer this one.

We do support the Honda GX200 engine platform. Honda is a great company with a long history in racing. It's an honor to have them included in TrakBOOK, as it is many of the engines that we cover. In TrakBOOK, our rulebook, we support a wide variety of engines. We do this because we have numerous tracks across the US that run a variety of classes and engine combinations. We also have rules for Briggs Animal and Flathead as well as TAG engines and Yamaha engines and shifter engines and so on.

When it comes to the clone class, which is what I think you are referring to, the answer is yes and no. We will allow the GX200 to be included in the class as a local option. Now, to be honest, in the Southeast I don't really expect there to be a significant amount of tracks or series to do this. Clone is pretty well established as an engine platform in that area. However, we didn't add the GX200 for the Southeast. There are many places in the US where this would work very well. Lots of areas outside of the Southeast haven't been as open to the clone, so they either don't run the class, or have a just a few. The tech issues are a big part of that as are some other things. This is very prevalent in sprint racing (which is in dire need of an inexpensive engine package) and many speedway tracks as you move outside of the southeast. So yes, we allow it as a local option, but not for any reason other than to hopefully attract and keep more folks in karting.

One other thing that some folks seem to be misinformed about is the mixing of parts. We do not allow the GX200 parts to be used in the clone engines. Nor do we allow clone parts to be ran in the GX200. The GX200 actually has its own entire section in TrakBOOK. Moving forward, we are going to use the GX200 as something of a baseline for the clone class, but only to try and keep the playing field level. It's very difficult to define "OEM" when you have multiple folks importing an engine. So the GX200 may be able to help us do this, along with nailing down specific specs on the parts of all of the manufacturers (also not easy). Whether that is actually able to happen, I don't know. In some respects the clone has already taken off in its own direction, so it might be difficult.

Also, I'd like to point out that what we've done with the clone rules has been a huge undertaking. We've made a huge step in getting the engine formula to a point where engine builders can do their job, and people can buy engines and feel good that they are legal. It took a lot of time and people to get the engine to this point. I point this out only to show that we're 100% on board with getting clone stable so it can move forward. It's actually solid enough at this point that clone may very well be able to spread across the US and dominate karting at all tracks for years. We'd be totally fine with that.

I hope this answers your question, or perhaps the questions of those reading this. If not, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email; tech@nkaonline.com and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

Joe Janowski
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