no go


Dawg 89
Even the post office has no gauge. went to mail some photos in manila envelope.
the postmaster reaches under counter and out comes a no go gauge for width and thickness of package. at least I only paid a penalty and no dq.
I've been using their flat-rate envelopes quite a bit lately for such items. I recently shipped a sprocket hub in one, no problem. Five bucks and change was cheaper than boxing it myself. :)
That's so they can make sure the package doesn't get caught in their automated sorters.....We used to send tire cutting bits in padded envelopes to save a buck and found out that the rollers that they use in sorting mail automatically didn't like hitting that bit as it compressed the envelope to shoot it down the line. Couple packages showed up with a small hole and no bit inside -- that ended shipping them that way for us. :)
Pretty sure your packages are getting "teched" harder than you think after you drop them off -- sniffer test, Xray test, and probably more....LOL
Thanks for sharing! :)