Noob question


Dawg 89
Would that hold true with Treads ?
Rarely. Depends on the tread sizes that you are using too.
Keep in mind that (at least with Hoosier tires) many of the treaded sizes were designed to be run on the 250 and 500cc winged outlaw cage karts. 3" of stagger is no problem for a 500cc engine on a kart. Not so with a Predator, L206, or clone.

We've got our own method of mounting smaller size tires to retain the 34" circumference right sides that flat karts are designed to be run with for the lower HP classes mentioned above. Really, anything up to about 35 CHP does not need all that tire of the 250 & 500 tire sizes. Yet, some promoters continue to dictate those sizes be used on flat karts and under-powered winged cage karts.
I really wish that they would ask for advice. ;)