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i am very interested in getting into kart racing and have quite a few local tracks but im a total noobie. lol. i am a big guy though and im worried i wont fit in an adult kart haha. i am 6ft3in. tall and weigh about 350lbs. will my height be an issue? will my weight and width be an issue when it comes to the kart or fitting into a kart seat?

also what is a good website to purchase a kart that would work ideal for me as a bigger buy and a beginner???

any and all info is greatly appreciated
Hello and welcome to Bobs! You should fill out your profile so we know where your located and can provide the most relevant help.

First before you do anything you should attend a race at one of your local tracks to get a handle on what classes they are running and what will work for you before you buy something you can't really use. People at the track will be more than willing to help get you pointed in the right direction.

As far as size goes I can say it will be an adventure. I am 6'2" and 280 and I do fit in both a champ kart and flat kart but seats don't come much bigger than mine. The height wont be the problem but if your hips are too wide it could be rough. I can't remember how wide my seat is but I'll check. My waist is size 40 and the seat isn't overly tight. The tough part is getting your kart set up right with all that weight on the LR so there is a learning curve with setting up a fast kart for us. Aside from that you will be giving up a good bit of weight. I am 50lbs heavy with no lead on the kart so you have to be smooth to make that up. On the bright side my kart feels real light compared to my kids with 120 lbs of lead on his lol.

And for the record. Where are you located?


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Your height wont be a problem, i am 6'1 and also can fit pretty comfortably in a flat kart, you can move the pedals farther forward and help give you some leg room, although i cant really use a steering fairing like some can because my knees keep hitting them when i had one on the kart and it tore up my knees. Your weight will be a bit of a disadvantage, but you can run the super heavy and sumo classes at some tracks, which are both specifically for drivers that cross the scales at over 200lb driver only weight. As far as setting up the kart with all the weight on the left rear, you can get around that by moving your seat as far forward and to the right as you can get it, to help balance out the weight a little bit. It is definately a challenge but im sure you can get it figured out. The info given to you above is all great info and will help you out alot if you follow his advice. Everything was spot on.

As far as finding a seat that fits you, you can contact any of the seat makers and they can make you a custom seat that is tailor made custom fit for your body if you need one, and im sure it wouldnt cost much more if any more than a regular seat would cost you. I would talk to Jeff at Comp Composites about making you a custom seat if you choose to go that route, he would help in any way he can and can make you a seat fit specifically to your size and measurements to give you the most comfortability you can possibly get.


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i live in the state of Wisconsin. in the city of Neenah. so what might some good websites be to look at karts? whats a good beginner kart? what are differences between a flat and a champ?

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Every thing you need is right here. The champ has a roll cage & seat belts & tethers. As far as karts go you'll get every opinion in the book. Good luck & welcome to bobs.
Good Morning and Welcome to Bobs ! I seen guys your size race with no problems, matter of a fact a couple of them were up front most of the time. Good Luck and have fun !


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I purchased a XXXL seat from M&M as i am a super heavy weight - i dont know if you can retuirn if not big enough - i can get in fine - getting out is the issue HAHAHA