Noram Arena Clutch

Anyone run this clutch with good results? Our track has a drum clutch rule and we run a 10t driver. Been running a max torque all year with no problems. Running an open predator with mod 2 cam turning around 7200 rpm. Just looking for more tunability.
We have been running them for over 3 years and there is no way we would go to another style drum clutch...Once you get it adjusted in, a little weekly pm, we are very pleased
10tooth Arena drum uses a roller bearing and mounts outboard on the engine. Might have to move the seat brace over for clearance, I did. 8000Rpm on modifed Clone.
You could also use other drum clutches, Stinger, Hillard and use the Bully 10tooth arena adapter kits.
I ran the noram 9 and 10tooth and went to the stinger with the bully kit, way better IMO.