O4 Nemesis

http://www.phantomchassis.com/ALL PDF PAGES/Phantom Nemesis Sr Setup Sheet.pdf
This is what phantom recommends. I run on the low side of cross and left side. Most of my weight is on the right side of the seat. Try those numbers first then let us know what its doing, if you have a push or 4 wheel drift drop the cross and left side. I tried high cross setups like everyone posts of here just had no luck with them. Good luck when you hit it right its a fast kart and will feel loose all the way around the track. Nemesis has a lot of corner speed and sometimes will wear you out driving it.
Here's a set-up that always worked well for those type of classes on a Nemesis:

Nose: 45.5%
Left: 54.0%
Cross: 68.0%

LF: Camber: +0.5 / Caster: 8
RF: Camber: -3.25 / Caster: 12

Stagger: Front: 1.375" / Rear: 0.75-1.25" (determined by track size/corner radius)

Rear track width: 39.25"

However, with a little more power on a clone and the tires making more bite than what they used to, you can probably run a little bit more left side percentage.

Good luck!