octane help

have sonic 125 would like to know what can you use 93 octane with a gas bosster to increase octane level or is 93 good enough to practice with racing gas hard to find in lake city, thanks
What makes you think it needs more octane?
How old is the engine?
Didn't I hear that in Europe the 125 engines have to run on 93 octane? Not sure that.
I'm pretty sure that engine was designed for lower octane fuel.
What you get from using higher octane racing fuel is resistance to detonation due to poor tuning decisions.
What you get best from racing fuel is a consistant platform from which to tune.
Pump gas is all over the place. Ethanol content changes, in California additiives change depending on time of year. A starting tune up one week may be diferent a few weeks later as pump gas is always changing.
IMHO, more importantly I would rather know the Specific Gravity of my fuel, that's why when I had a Blown Gas rail, I bought a gasoline hydrometer. Much easier for you to do than checking octane.