Octoberfest II - Weedsport Kartway - Burris Tire NYS Clone Heavy Invitational - September 28, $500 to win


The following drivers are eligible for the Burris Racing Tire NYS Clone Heavy Invitational on September 28 at Weedsport Kartway. The 25-lap race will pay a guaranteed $500 to win - with a Top 5 purse at 20 minimum entries. Entry fee is $50, drivers must be 15 and up. Lineup will be determined by draw. If we have more than 20 karts we will time trial with a Top 12 redraw. No more than 20 to start.

Jeremy Tuttle (Past Champion)
Devon Tonkin (Oswego)
Thomas Montgomery (Oswego)
Tom Perrin (Oswego)
Nick Tryt (Oswego)
Chance Weaver (Oswego)
Nick McGill (Weedsport)
Doug Payne (Weedsport)
Jake Cratsley (Weedsport)
Jeff Chapman (Weedsport)
Richard Murtaugh (Weedsport)
Chris Natoli (Can-Am)
Logan Winn (Can-Am)
Johnson Wilson (Can-Am)
Joe Trichilo (Moose)
Robert Stevens (Moose)
Brandon Philips (Moose)
Joe Hayden (Moose)
Seth Perrin (Hannibal)
Dom Cianfarano (Hannibal)
Ryan Hall (Hannibal)
Kevin Matteson (AMS)
Lacey Shuttleworth (AMS)
Chris Bennett (AMS)
Jeremy Beichner (AMS)
Dan Guild (AMS)
Ron Vedder (Paradise)
Robert Nellis (Paradise)
Nate Burrows (Paradise)
Jonathan Gunderman (Paradise)
Brian Lyon (Paradise)
Todd Schnars (Stateline)
Jim Terrill (Stateline)
Nate Dickerson (Stateline)
Dustin Hinkson (Stateline)
Tia Moppert (Stateline)
Kaydon VanDyne (Limerock)
Makayla Smith (Limerock)
Karsten Petti (Limerock)
Benjiman Walsch (Limerock)
Austin Wilson (Limerock)
Jeff Anstett (Ransomville)
Tim Wnek (Ransomville)
Ashley Daul (Ransomville)
Mike Seefeldt (Ransomville)
Randy Sheets (Starlite)
Gerald Hamilton (Starlite)
Phil Young (Starlite)