Ohio Valley UAS........ members and potential members please read.

I am considering being the administrator of our series as Troy has surrendered his post. I would like to hold a meeting next Monday November 25th at 6:30 PM to discuss feasibility of the series moving forward. The agenda will include schedule, tracks and hopefully delegate some of the work to help sustain, promote and grow the series. The meeting will be held on neutral ground at Hilton Auctioneers, in Sharonville, Ohio. If you have raced open in the last 20 years you know where that is but for any new prospects the address is 11300 Jefferson St, Cincinnati, OH 45241. Hope to have a good crowd.

Justin Westerfeld
(513) two65-three537
I think you will make a great admin glad to see someone taking it over, I sure will miss it ,but will keep up with you guys good luck
Think it over good Justin!! Good luck with which ever you decide! We are done racing with the UAS for good! But if I was racing the series I think you would be a good administrator.
With Mark and most of the administrators making the decision to suspend my driver for 13 months for what happened with the 51 kart at Pa.
It is clear to me that the UAS and all except for a few administrators ( they know who they are and thanks for being in our court on this) don't want us to race with them and I do not feel welcome in this series any longer, For Mark to make a decision like this when everything was handled and done with between racers proves to me that his leadership is not something I need to spend time and money on as my hobby. We had a good run and when we didn't beat our selves nobody that raced a UAS kart could beat us.
jerry you are more than welcome to run with us. i've seen some of your monsters besides the jawas and with robbies size you guys would be hard to handle. hope you decide to make a race or two.