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Gonna switch to cool power currently I use mobile1 do you think ill have to clean (flush) the crankcase or just start using cool power ,,
I would, I've contacted dover about oil, other than what they use he said to stay away from motor oils. the only oil I would use from a auto store is royal purple. if your using cool power I mix it with power plus a 50/50 mix works great.
Amen on the 50/50 mix. Power plus is hard to beat and mixes with cool power very well. A great way to hold the cost down a little. Definitely flush the crankcase. It would be even better if you pulled the crankcase cover and flushed every thing out with carburetor cleaner. You're also going to see a little power gain. Good luck!!!

Take a few oz of each and put in a clear plastic bottle and shake it up. Let it sit a day and see if it separates. If it stays mixed a flush shouldnt be necessary,, but it wont hurt.
Mobile one oil has a petroleum base and cool power and power plus are all synthetic. Cool power and power plus will mix but they won't like the Mobile one.