ok Dyno guys this ones for you


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Where are u buying your timing pulleys and belts? I have a 50 tooth mounted to a 1¼ axle and I need a pully for 1" and ¾" shaft engines
did you check a bearing supply, granger or McMaster carr. they are not inexpensive 60.00 each.
You get he software straightened out?
Stan Hewitt could likely fix you up.
I use to get a catalog from Goodyear. They make a belt with a chevron style of cogs. They also make and sell pulleys for their belts. the idea is with the chevron groves, you don't need a rim on the pulley to keep it on the pulley. The chevron keeps it running true.

I'll try to find a url to the belts and maybe where you can get a catalog. If we ever again ran K30 UAS type stuff, I was going to try the belts and pulleys.

This might be it. Just did a quick look to maybe get close.

30 mm wide think 8mm between teeth very common on big 2 strokes kt 100 use's 8x20mm.
should be easy to source.
off hand I believe chevron style is like the modern serpentine belt.
Ask around in the 2 cycle section. You may find someone that has a couple of gears laying around that you could get the 2:1 ratio out of