OK, with Thanks Giving coming I have to ask ... ?


old fart
Who all is going to have Tofurkey.

Like in ... My wife's already got the Tofurkey for Thanks Giving.

Do you deep fry the thing?

and... where do you hunt wild one's? in a soybean field?
Not me, I was talking to my brother yesterday and he said my sister in law was taking the Tofurkey to her sisters for Thanksgiving. Her niece is a vegetarian and I'm sure she made it for her. But... when her niece was over our place for Thanksgiving one year, she ate the turkey. Proly out of courtesy to us, but she did. I just don't have a grip on Tofurkey. ... :)
Is it molded to look like a real turkey? Does it taste like turkey? If it does taste like one then how? Artificial flavors? Not knocking it. Just curious.