Old record albums worth ?

Does anyone know of anybody or a website that's good in placing the value on some old record albums I have ? I have a ton of original albums from the 50's and up , various types of music . I would be willing to let go of a number of them .
are they 45's ?? we have a old juke box that plays them . my wife would like to know a few titles of your albums .
albums had several songs on one disc and were 33 RPM.
I've got about 100 of them from the 80s. I put several of them on craigslist, with pictures, no takers. Good stuff like Willie Nelson, Donna Summers, George Benson, Abba etc. etc.
I bought a record player with a DVD recorder built-in so I can copy the records to a DVD. My Epson printer can print to a DVD the pictures I took of the album covers. I put those on Creg's list and got no takers
we would be interested in : willie nelson , charlie ritch , david allen coe , ray charles , conway twitty , jerry reed , merle haggard , waylon jennings guys like that for our juke box . the box is loaded with those guys already , and the box has space inside for storing other albums . we havnt looked inside it in a long time to see whats there
I have a turn table that will plug into your computer and you can record your 45's, 33 1/3, and even 78's on to a disk. Haven't tried it yet. When I do that, I will get rid of all my albums and 45's I have 4 stacks of 45's about 4 foot tall each. I used to have some old juke boxes. I got rid of them when I moved recently. I had a 1951 Seeburg, a 1957 Seeburg (that was the first year for stereo, or HI FI back then) I had a 1958 Wurlitzer, and a 1962 Wurlitzer.