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I haven't been on here in a while but I assume the site crashed at some point. Anyway my question is have all the older threads been lost? I hope I'm doing something wrong but when i do a search for a certain person it comes up empty. This was a friend that passed away last year but he left lots of info on 4cycle.com.
Welcome back to new Bob's site. Yes, all the old posts and member s list is all gone. . Sorry about your friend.
This is a heart breaker..... My friend was Joey Padgett from North Carolina. He won many races and was a co-founder of checker flag fuels. He left behind many helpful things on 4cycle.com and I would come here to read some of his post. I thought his post would be here forever but once again a computer and the internet has let me down. I guess I should have copied and saved the post to a thumb drive, dangit!!!