Open Clutch Rule


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Hi all,

I'm new to racing, specifically oval dirt track racing, and I've been hearing that some classes have an open clutch rule. What does this mean exactly, and how does it differ between the various karting leagues? I've always hated centrifugal clutches and I wanted to try to fabricate a manual clutch...possible off the axle or a jack shaft. Am I free to do something like this?:confused:
rules are drum clutch only, no disc bully clutches. Check with your track what you can run. Get a inferno they work great and hit hard. Hope this helps.
An open clutch rule means you can run either a drum or disc clutch. There are no manual clutches allowed, only centrifugal.
Most stock classes are going over to disc clutches, if your rules say open clutch then you can run either.

We run a Pro Clone class in this area, and they have a open clutch rule.....but it has to be a two disc or a shoe clutch of any kind. We can't run 3 or 4 disc clutches.
Hopefully the 2014 AKRA rules will be out and on here for everyone to see soon. This would eliminate all the questions and uncertainty most of us have.