Open Gx200 vs alky briggs


Okay, me and my friend are racing when i get my motor built, and i was wondering what you think about it, and who will most likely win.

Modified Gx200: All head work done by Dave Lewis

tilly 304wx on alky
14cc head milled .060 (.048 head gasket)(~ 13.6 compression ratio)
ported polished
.930 J-header
28.5/25mm valves
dual 55 lb springs
champion rockers
isky billet lifters
5.070 shorter pushrods (1/4 diameter)
isky 360 cam (260* duration)
max stroke crank (2.133, hardened & balanced)
arc .020 rod
honda flat top piston (std boar)
arc billet flywheel (32* timing)
16/53 gearing


5hp dual ball bearing block:

heads milled ~.030
~ 27.5/24 valves
dual valve springs
~ .380 lift cam ( dont know actual cam specs all i know is it dosent have a lot of duration)
billet flywheel and rod
stroker crank
tilly 348 alky
advanced timing
piston is .010 over
18/56 gearing

just wondering who would win in the straights, he clocked his motor in at 65mph @~9200 rpm
i have a Open Flathead that has made many a Open Honda and Clone guys scratch their heads in disbelief ....................;)
An over head valve engine should always shine over the flat head, so the open Honda was not built to the same level as the flathead.
This is why I like our rules for this engine class.lot of work went into it to be fair for all.
Their is a post about all this under limited mod clone.And again driver skill and setup
plays a big roll into this too.