Opinion on digital durometer compared to traditional


Lookin to replace my durometer..are the digital durometers consistant or do they change? Are they worth the money or stick with the traditional type?..I never see anyone using them, mabe that's a sign
we have the digital ones for 65.00, the same exact one that longacre sells, ken , Double K karts & parts 864 489 4032
I've had them both (Intercomp) and much prefer the analog (dial) durometer better. I've seen knock-off brand digitals retail for $50 and thought they'd be worth the try...not.
For what it's worth we stopped stocking the digital durometers and only stock the Intercomp dial duros now (at very competitive prices.) I've got a PTC durometer that's nearly $1000 that is certified accurate and the Intercomp dial duros that I use everyday and sell through the shop are right on with it every time.

Thanks and God bless,
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