O'Reilly National Indoor Kart Championships UAS

My driver qualified 7th and ran 6th on a pcr100cc on gas! We had 4th early on but kart got bad tight and missed the gearing a tad. Even got a crushed in nose piece from bootin a high dollar 150cc motor so just goes to show ya big n bad aint always best! Was an awesome race to watch and cant wait to do it again next year!
Mike I think you just make stuff up as you go along then present them as fact. Could you please tell us what the 40 racers got for their 105.00 investment this past weekend? 1 single event. Now for 40.00 you can become a uas member and qualify for a national championship. This does not mean you can't race at uas events across the country . you don't have to join. Its a only if you want to fee. You get people too set up 1/4 point races all across the country for which you can chose to attend. You get a points keeper who documents your efforts and gives regular updates you get a committee that makes all the necessary arrangements for a grand national event which historically has proven the race of the year to attend. You get a full days worth of practice qualifying heat races and a feature. And then you get year end awards. The constant complaining is old. Please stop campaigning against the system. How about just make some positive suggestions. Tell us how much it should be where the money would go and why your system would be so much better.
That's easy, they got to race for the money they spent. They have a direct correlation to spending money and then racing.

When you spend money on a membership, you get a card in the mail. That's it. You don't get a single thing more. The 1/4 point races in most areas would exist, no matter what. it just wouldn't be called a 1/4 point race.

When they show up to the track, they pay their entry fee and they race. That is an instant return on the dollars you spend. Anyone that races experiences that.

To some, buying a membership would be the same as going to the track, paying to enter a class but not racing. They would just be adding to the pot but with no chance to get any return on their dollar.

You and I see spending money on a membership as OK. For me, I ask myself if I waste money on other stuff that has less value than a membership. I say, "yes", I do waste money....so a membership is no big deal. Plus I like racing the 1/4 point races in my area because they generally have a couple more people than a regular show. I like the competition. To race in most 1/4 point events, the administrators require a national membership.

I'm not the average guy. There is no denying, there are a lot of racers that see very little to no reason to join. Is that a big deal? I don't know for sure BUT I think it would be better if we showed more members active.

As for getting someone to keep up with my points, with my membership, Davis does that for free so not a dime of anyone's membership goes for that.....not a dime.

That's my opinion. If that's "making stuff up as I go", so be it.
Didn't the Administrators vote to not change anything for almost 2 years? I would think that the Administrators must not have a lot of people complaining to them all the time like Mike does. I would think that basically the majority is fed up with all the BS and bickering. Might be a good idea if we quite trying to change things this year, kinda just let it ride so to speak.
Mike The membership money goes to the GN not Mark bergfelts pocket, The return on the membership is paid back to the racers at the GN and in the function of making it all happen, Only the people interested in the National Championship points system pay for memberships, That's why they recieve the return. You get way more than a card. There is NO mandated membership for every day UAS races. Charlie Stoffa is having 2 UAS races this coming year both are 1/4 point races. If it were not for the National points he would have 0 races available, Nick Hopper is having 2 and only 2 UAS races in his series. those are both 1/4 point races. these are special efforts put forth for the people who pay in for memberships. The Daytona event is a 1/4 point race You don't have to be a member to race it, you do have to be a member to gain 1/4 points, The year is crambed packed full of benefits for members of the UAS National Championship and the money goes for awards,and the UAS is putting on a National Championship series, that's not available any where else. The ORielly event, 20+ guys at the Oreilly single day deal spent 105.00 ran parctice qualifying and then went home. OVER TWICE THE INVESTMENT NO RACING, NO RETURN ON THEIR INVESTMENT. Hellllloooooo any body home???????
Tim and Steve,
That is not accurate. Go to the unlimitedallstars website and read what the money goes for. The site says $5 goes for administration costs. That's Mark's pocket. Now, it might very well go right back out but he is the one that decides that. I have absolutely no problem with that but it is what it is. To suggest it all goes to the GN is not true at all. There were over 100 members. Do the math. The rest of the money is stated to go for year end awards. That's what the site says. http://www.unlimitedallstars.org/membership.html

I was incorrect regarding what you get with a membership. You also get 2 decals.

I never said they got their money's worth but they did get something....track time. Ask yourself if 2 stickers or some track time is better? That's not really a question for you....but a question that 90% of the racers ask. Now, consider what you are doing. You are essentially questioning racers going to a race. That's what we do....go to the race track and drive our karts.

Now, the administrators did vote to not change the rules next year. I'm not trying or suggesting the rules be changed. I am talking about what people have told me regarding their reasons for not becoming members. More than half of my region's participants aren't members. I'd like to look at ways to improve that. If that's a sin, so be it......but for the life of me, why does everything need to be a me vs this or that? All I'm doing is wanting to look at ways to gain membership or at least a way to recognize the average racer that don't have a desire to be part of the GN program. That doesn't mean changing anything that already is.....just address possible ways to help people understand what the UAS can offer. These aren't RULES. It has nothing to do with rules.

You might want to talk to Nick. He isn't doing that. There are two UAS series in Ohio. He makes a 3rd that has a basis on the UAS. With Westerfield taking over for Troy, there is no reason for Nick to have the races. As for Charlie, he can have all the races he wants. It doesn't have to an official UAS event. A perfect example of that was the Big O.

This stuff doesn't have to be an argument. It's a just an open discussion. Jeeze.
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Open discussion would be a nice change from the Mike Grady never ending hate speach. If it is UAS, you can't find one thing right with it. Same old, same old.
I've been following this. I didn't get the feeling that Mike was giving "never ending hate speech". His thoughts are well written. He seems to be in support of the UAS. He says "The key is to attempt to get everyone to see what is good with the UAS and focus on that." As I read it this is about a $40.00 membership fee that may or may not be hindering the growth of members to the UAS. I believe the market will determine wether the fee is useful or hurtful. You can sell anything to someone if they see value in it. The price they are willing to pay will be determined by the value perceived. Just sayn.

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Mike your walking through a forest of trees with your eyes pinched shut repeating your same old montra there are no trees there are no trees there are no trees. Membership is for people wanting to compete for the uas national championship. Thats it end of story. You don't get it cause you don't want to get it. 100 people signed up you and voiceless people only you know complain about a membership that does not effect those who don't want to join. I did talk to nick. He's having (2 )1/4 point races in a series that isn't uas why mike why. Think real hard. Maybe its so his racers that want to be part of the national championship have that opportunity. And charlie is only running 2. Cause its his choice to only run the very type of race that requires memberships. Go figure. Your in special circumstances call mark up tell him you'll pay all administrative costs for 2014 so he can leave the 5.00 in the pot. You can post up what the effort actually cost you next December.
I've been following this. I didn't get the feeling that Mike was was giving "never ending hate speech". His thoughts are well written. He seems to be in support of the UAS. He says "The key is to attempt to get everyone to see what is good with the UAS and focus on that." As I read it this is about a $40.00 membership fee that may or may not be hindering the growth of members to the UAS. I believe the market will determine wether the fee is useful or hurtful. You can sell anything to someone if they see value in it. The price they are willing to pay will be determined by the value perceived. Just sayn.


I am totally in support of it. It's what we do for fun. No matter the politics or any of the stuff that surrounds it, the core of the UAS is the rules package. That brings everyone together. We all have to remember that is what is important. If I don't like how something is done or the way something is handled, I can't bail on the whole deal. The greater good has to always be considered.

I don't believe the powers that be see the big picture sometimes and I believe a lot of our "guidelines" are based on hypocritical personal agendas but that's my problem. I can't take that into consideration because it doesn't effect the greater good until the majority feel that way as well. Honestly, my feelings of their personal agenda is a personal agenda all in itself......mine against their's. In order to be fair, I have to throw all of that out when I consider good vs bad. The good wins.

When the old site was up, I took issue with several things. Those issues still stand.....but their my issues. Most people don't care about those "details". All they want is a place to race. That is why I feel it is important to consider the average racer in the UAS and not just the "membership group". We can't disregard those people. The question is, do we find a way to count their numbers to boost ours or do we just not worry about any of it. Should the GN system be the only focus of the UAS or should it consider another aspect to attempt to include the existing racers into an additional system? Is any of it worth it and should we just drop everything but the actual rule structure that includes weights and kart dimensions?

The weights and kart dimensions are what makes the UAS worth something to the average racer. The rest of it is just "stuff". Having our own National Points deal is great if you like that BUT what if you don't care.....which the majority of racers obviously don't. Why don't we have something that better focuses on the majority? Is that even feasible? I believe it is. I believe there is strength in numbers.

By all means, keep the GN program. Don't touch it. I just want to look at a way to count everyone that races with an Unlimited Allstar Series.

Its very difficult to understand your view point when you run all over the map like that. You said we should learn from the o rielly event and follow their lead since they drew 2 more racers to a event sponsored by a major corporation and advertised TV coverage. 2 more racers than the gn which was its lowest kart count in 5 years. So now we've established your view of a mandate for change, and we've established your view of the proper format. What well do is drop membership cause that has some hidden profit scheme in it for bergfelt. And what well do instead is open the gn and tge championship to all comers. This will give us a bigger head count. We'll charge 100.00 entry and parking. Then say we pull a record 60 karts we'll take the top 30 qualifiers for the feature. At this point we'll thank the other 30 entrys pat em on the @ss and send them home. Run the feature and the championship is done. Good plan mike im sure that would work out great and the uas would grow bye leaps and bounds.
I don't see a problem with those who control the UAS making a profit if they do. Business runs better when its for profit. Look what Bill France did with NASCAR or look at The World of Outlaw series. These guys were in it for the racers and themselves. UAS is a good concept. Promotors like to announce it to the world when they race at their tracks. People line the fence to watch these Karts! That alone says you are onto something good. Now how do you increase participation, sponsorship, payouts and viewer interest? Starts with getting the show out to more people....Just sayn.

when I talked to you tim I was going to hold 2. Then after reading of the ovuas being revived under justin i wasnt going to have any because i didnt want 3 regions to overlap 1/4 points races too close together. Now I've been asked to do one at Eldora with all 3 regions in which i accepted and this will be our only one.

Still waiting on the OVUAS decision to join the APUAS, OAS, and NWOUAS in our divisional at wheelersburg though, incase Justin doesnt see this, if someone can relay the message for me, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks
Hoppy there's no profit in the membership fund any where for any body. I spent 3 hours on the phone last night with race related details. All-star business helping other vendors helping other potential sponsors. Mike doesnt remotely consider the time sacrifice and investments on the part of the people who make these series and championships happen. Nick I'm glad your still putting forth the effort to expand racing period. No doubt in my mind you'll gain allot more insight into all Thats involved and how thankless the job really is. Just be glad you don't have a mike Grady hyper analyzing your every move.
Think of the membership fund as you would an entry fee for a regular race. The entrants are funding the prizes for the top finishers. This just happens over the span of a year. Do we like that we are just racing for our own money back? Well, that's the million dollar question. It has its advantages and disadvantages. It allows the UAS to operate independently of financial influences in its rules (think spec tire or spec engine classes where the awards are funded by the spec company). It is sustainable in the fact it doesn't require a marketing department out beating down doors for sponsorship. It's guaranteed in the fact that we know the money is there before we get down to the end of the season. However, it's hard to convince someone to give up the time and expense it takes to travel halfway across the country (plus the races they need to run during the year to be in position to win the championship at the GN) to race for such a small prize that is funded by themselves and their competitors. A mix of the membership fee and significant sponsorships is probably the right solution for making the GN worthwhile. I know this thread is not about championship funding, so I'll leave it at that.
Who said Mark was involved in a profit making scheme? That's ridiculous.

Tim stated all the money went to the GN race. That isn't the case at all. I posted the link to the website to prove what I said was true. I got my info from the official UAS website.

We could do all the numbers and figure this and that and this could go on for another week or month and we accomplish nothing.

One day of racing equated to 60 racers. Add the PA/NY race up with the GN. Did those 2 add up to 60? Why do you think this was the lowest kart count in 5 years at the GN? Does asking these questions solve anything? What does it take to grow participation? That's the question that needs attention...

I guess the question is, do you think we need to consider a system where the average racer is recognized, outside of the GN system in place now? It doesn't have to pay a dime....just list the driver so that they can be seen as an UAS participant. Let's answer that question and go from there.

Hoppy if you stick around long enough and it won't take that long, you will see the hate. Mike reminds me of the gay community that says how the Boy Scouts are running their program all wrong. You can get a glimps of were he is going with his statement on a lot of the UAS guidelines "are based on hypocritical personal agendas". He will constantly pound away at all the problems that racers are whispering in his ear. Now he wants a way to count everyone that races with the UAS. OK, Do it. You can count non members and Jeff hopefully will keep track of the members. I remember what Mike has said in the past even if Bob's memory is gone. As far as the Administrators and Bergfelt making money of the UAS, more BS! From everything I have seen they put every penny and then some more, back into the UAS for the racers. I do think that the O'Reilly race was pretty neat. Maybe next year, God willing.
Mike your miss quoting me, I said the money is going to The GN in awards and administrative costs. Your the one who implied Mark was making money by the comment "there was over 100 members Mark gets 5.00 from the 40.00 do the Math". Your always trying to take your cheap shot's at Mark and the UAS .

And Yes the GN and the PA/NY combined race did match this past weekend. Your numbers are all screwed up.

Here's some facts for you Mike. The 07 Nationals counted all participating UAS series and racers, I counted every single person and ranked them according to their finishes on a National level. We had some 200 UAS members and 10 ish UAS series, We had then 50 racers commit and show up at the biggest Summer National event. This member count was a total UAS participation of just over 200 and we drew 50 National racers 90% of this membership was EAST COAST!!!!!!.

The UAS now has doubled the UAS series count across the country That's DOUBLED Mike! and we've orginized a UAS National points system to give racers any where in the country a equal shot at the title. We had a racer from California come within a hairs breath of winning the National Championship.

We have a system that charges membership for the National program only.

You can race any UAS series race any where in the country at no membership cost 0 nothing nada.

Only if you want to race for a National title do you have to become a member and only then do you make a commitment of 40.00 to do so. That's not asking much Mike,

Theres allot of work by allot of people that goes into having a National program available. The low dollar guy needs to do nothing but buy a membership and find a race of their choice and affordability.

Now with all that we've had over 100 racers make a commitment to the National program. That's double the original 50 that committed in 07. out of that 100+ that committed to the National programs we've had huge numbers show up at the GN's driving across the country to do so. even our low year pressed a 40 kart count Mike not too bad,I'll take a 40 kart count any day any time

your complaining about a massive incontestable success rate for over 5 years now. Your reaching far and wide and trying to compile some ridiculous theory's based on nonsensical view points. Do you understand that Mike The UAS and it's National program membership and all is a huge massive success. There's no way to twist and turn and try and make reality any different. There are going to be up years there are going to be some down years. Mark made a mistake returning to the same track 2 years in a row. He acknowledged that, and made the necessary adjustments and 2014 will break all records of the past.

The fact that WKA has included the UAS into it's Daytona event, the fact that the Orielly Indoor Championships had 40 UAS racers is a testament to the ever increasing UAS interest and participation It is not fuel for you to some how twist and misconstrue into another anti UAS let's change every thing Mike Grady lecture. It's not factual it's just you doing what you do.