Our first win followed by carb failure!


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Guys I'm still here..... Haven't figured out the flooding issue.....
Sorry for the delay in reply...... I'm currently on my 80th hour of work this week and the day is just getting started......
Tomorrow I plan to try and run 3d in muskogee.
I get off work around 4pm on Saturday and it is a 2 hour drive..... Hotlaps start at 6 - so some hustle had gotta happen.

So we ran meeker this last weekend......
Before we went - I installed a cut off valve for the fuel - I can reach while driving.....
The plan is - when idling or under yellow - cut the switch back and - back on when we go green.
So far it's worked.....
I raced in the clone class - I did a spin getting off of 2 on the 2nd lap to avoid contact with a driver - recovered and came back for a 4th finish ( no yellow )

The the feature - we started 6th got to 3rd.... Again did a spin on the 2nd lap ( this time getting off 4 )........ No yellow - came back from 10th to 4th..... Tossed the chain and that's when everything with horribly wrong...... After fixing the chain - the engine did not wanna restart - finally got it going but had a major running issue...... So bad i struggled to keep up under yellow..... Misfire never cleared and we held on for a 5th place finish - probably would have done worse but everyone kept spinning....

When I got the kart back to the pits - I found the carb bolts had fallen off.... Idk if they just came lose or if they didn't get tightened down good - I'm guessing they didn't get tightened down ( my fault ) ........
Anyway I went to put on new nuts on tonight and the studs have stripped - the end that goes inside the head is fine ( the nut end ( has stripped )..... Anyone know wear I can find carb studs - someone said ace hardware? Any ideas? Somewhere I can walk in - found them online but need tomarow.

I believe had it not been for the carb issues we would have been a top 3 kart - my buddy who won said he was having a hard time getting around me before the issues started...
Again this was a clone class - my buddy swore no one there was legal.


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Walking in a hardware and buying them studs is unlikely .
There may be a chance you can get metric all thread .
Some from a used head .


Wish I could help with the size, but I don't have that info. IF you have a local Ace Hardware, there is a good chance you can walk in and find what you need - just take one of the old ones for comparison. Don't know if all Ace Hardware stores are alike, but my local Ace has a fantastic fastener section, including lots of metric stuff - generally mine is a lot better stocked than Loews or Home Depot where threaded fastener and all thread type products are concerned. YMMV, of course.


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I do not know the size off hand . 6mm is what i belive they are .


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Yes . Now bully takes a thin 3/16 and a few others . Standard is 3/16


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Update..... I believe we have fixed the fuel issue.....
I made double sure to get 100 gas - no ethanol..... It appears the be the answer...... We ran hot laps - heat race - A feature and idled in the pits for 10 mins while revving - the flooding has no return..... We will be running again this weekend - fingers crossed! I'll keep y'all update - thanks for much for everyone's input !