outdoor work clothes ?

i am getting tired of carhartt work pants . they seem to fall apart after 1 outdoor construction season . but i am pleased with their heavy hooded sweat shirts they seem to hold up good . i also tried Bernie work clothes . the pockets on pants and the crotch seem to rip open and off atany given time . if you squat down to pick somthing up you may aswell have a pair on stand by in your truck . tired of cheaply built denim work pants .

sowhatare some of you guys wearing who farm , work construction , or are just hard on your outdoor clothing what works for you and how do they hold up .

but some of you guys may not want to hear this . but Wrangler carpenters pants from walmart do hold up sometimes about every other pair . i may getsome wear out of them . but it seams the crotch just blows wright out of them if you squat down without a good belt on.......................


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Look at the firehose pants at Duluth Trading Co.

Yeah if you move alot during the day they are very uncomfortable.
I like the Rigg's but then again I only get about 4 months out of pants, so I started just buying good Levi's that I catch on sale
I was gave a pair of Blaklader pants at the Bricklayer 500, same thing way to thick to be moving a bunch

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Have you ever tried Wolverine pants? I buy mine from Cabelas when they are on sale. They have a gusseted crotch - so they don't rip out - and overall seem to be pretty durable. I usually catch them for 29.95 a pair.


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I try to catch used uniform pants on sale at a local flea market or online (ebay, etc.) We have a local auto plant that issues work uniforms and they are very durable (Wearguard, I believe is the brand they are currently using.) Dickies (as long as they are the uniform pants) work well also. Also be sure to check out your local Goodwill store -- I've found some very nice work pants there and cheap enough to replace when they need to be. I purchased some Nomex welding pants at Goodwill one time for $.99 that were brand new. Stiff, warm, and itchy as all get out - but it kept me from burning all those little "air vents" in my regular work pants. :)

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I like confort over durability. Working mechanical plumbing, I'm doing anything from lying on a floor to working off 80' boom lifts. I go with the Wrangler loose fit carpenter pants. I have to replace them more often but, dang having all the goodies wadded up in a stiff pair of drawers. Lol
I found that Rustler brand carpenter jeans are far more durable than the Wrangler brand, as they are thicker material. Wal-Mart doesn't carry them anymore (imagine that) but I found my last pair at Fred's department stores, I think for 12 bucks per pair.


I refuse to buy carhartt too much$$$ and if ya rip,a good pair they are no good anyway...same goes for,the other,expensive brands...tough duck, dickies etc all way too much $$$...
At $50-60 a crack no,thank you...
I do find the tough duck insulated bibs last though...
For me I buy the cheapest pair I can find...$5-10 bucks tops and when they are done I throw them away...

Cabela's and bass pro are okay when they clearance them...

I find the difference between a expensive pair,and a cheap pair is the way I feel when they go for craps...$5.00 compared to $50.00...
My 2 cents...