Outlaw kart body


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I just recently bought my son an outlaw kart. It is a used 2019 ultramax rival. I have been looking into buying replacement body parts but when I look on the Ultramax site they only have flat kart and a couple champ kart bodies. I have noticed a few sites like Toigo racing that sell everything I am looking for but I am unsure if they will fit. Are most outlaw kart bodies universal and if not does anyone know where I can find bodies compatible with ultramax rival?
The QRC, RFC, SKE crowd makes them float only attached to the down bars on the front of the cage. The phantoms and ultramax i believe are using the champ noses and attach them solid to the front of the kart.

I have a minecon with the Toigo conversion cage and had a local guy build a nose from aluminum floating like the QRC's, bought a lightening wing used same size as a junior sprint.