Oval section

What is the best pavement oval chassie? I have 2 Phenoms....an 05 and an 06. A friend of mine wants to get better karts (he has 2 older Rage karts now) but it doesnt sound like he wants Phenoms.......something about not haveing the same chassie for his kid that I have for mine, who knows why. Any thoughts?
.still has 3 choices with prc. unless he wants to go total different manufacturer,Hey everybody needs an excuse.
lots of choices
Icon would probally be the only choice for him with PRC. I havent seen a Seraph run well on pavement (not to say it wont) and he doesnt have Triton money.
What is a good starting point with tire pressure and what size tires and rim?
what would be good stager for a large track or small tight track ?

To start it off I run 9.25 on right side with with 11-8-6 stones
and 650-6 on LR & LF.dun's want to change to vega yellow for
the rights and keep the dun's on the left.or just keep the harder
dun on lr and go yellow vega on lf.thinking way off or close ?
big track with tight paper clip turns and flat.some say you get the
vega hop cause to soft.
I couldn't help but notice the asphalt interest. Did you all notice the new series in the Midwest if you want to travel it may be an option it looks like the promoter is going to have a good program for us racers