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Consider it done, Doug.
Great show again this year.
We sold out of every LO206 we brought with us, and took orders for more!

I thought that the 206 tech seminar went well, but am looking forward to having our own room for it next year. :)

Thanks and God bless,
Brian Carlson
Carlson Racing Engines
Vector Cutz
Carlson Motorsports on Facebook
30 years of service to the karting industry
Linden, IN



That's good to hear! We now have a facility that's ideal for anyone traveling long distances to be there with the hotel and restaurant included with the convention hall and want to continue to work on getting vendors that will bring in big crowds. If anyone knows a manufacturer, dealer, wholesaler, kart shop, individual, or other that they want to see there, let me know who it is and I'll work on getting them there. Contact information appreciated!

Also, if you took pictures at the swap meet, including your table or booth, please send them to me at dougb1960@yahoo.com