OVKA Swap Meet


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The Tradition Continues!​

The Ohio Valley Karting Association Swap Meet
February 1st, 2014 / Hara Arena, Dayton, OH​

This year's event is moving from Springfield, OH to the Hara Arena in Dayton, OH. Over 50,000 square feet and 200 plus tables of the latest in karting technology as well as new and used parts all under one roof for you to buy! The same great vendors as well as new ones every year! For more information and registration form for participation go to: http://www.ovka.com/swap_meet.php
How much to get in? Doesn't say on flyer. How many vendors are registered to be there? This almost a 4hr drive 1 way to show up and only a handful of vendors. Please post ASAP Looking for parts for neices kart
Don't quote me on this but I think it was $10 for adults last year but with the new location I don't know if it's changed. This will be our third year, LOTS of vendors,maybe 75% new stuff,great pricing,& almost anything you need for kart racing. Oh ya , we travel 5 1/2 hours one way & haven't been disappointed yet. Jesse & Clint Smith 44x
Theres a # in the advertisment and a guy to call if you need more info than you got from the add
It's on the back of the flyer on the registration piece...yes, fatdaddy65x is right. $10 is the entry and you won't be disappointed by the vendors. Over 200 tables of new and used equipment. It's a who's who of the oval kart world and many others.
Thank you for the reply. Only seen single side flyer on there page no prices and no one answered phone. Looking forward to the 200 vendors though. Thanks again