Paint issues...


yeah i looked at that, still would be expensive and I'm assuming it wouldn't be much higher to just powder coat. the POR-15 kit cost around $70 for a quart and the 2k topcoat they sell is like $75. so almost $150. If I don't powder coat it will be $20 worth of Rust-Oleum for me lol
I'd seen like $30 for the paint and $25 for the top coat on amazon, assuming one quart of paint and one can of clear coat is enough.

I'd heard locally that powder coating was $250-$300, so it's definitely not in the same price ballpark around here.

I paid $300 for the cart, I'm into parts around $350 for new seat cover materials, pedals, seat rails, tires/wheels, and nearly all new hardware. So if I dump another $250 into it for powder coat, we're basically at the price of a new cart.