Paracord for pull rope???


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Has anyone tried using paracord in replacement for the cheap nylon rope on a clone pull start? Pros or Cons? Anyone make a better replacement rope?
Don't use it once the outer jacket wears a little and that's not long after you use it snap when your seating in the grid. Use the heavier duty pull rope from any small engine shop.
I've used Climbing Cord on C50 Comer engines and Clone engines. Works great. Lasts much better than typical pull start rope. The trick is finding the right diameter for your application. No "stretch".|google|main&gclid=COLH5bm1n7wCFZBj7AodEUQA3Q

At the AKRA kart show, a vendor was selling lengths of this type of cord for pull starters, so I know others have tried it too.

This is what i was going to suggest, i change all my clone pull ropes to the same rope we use for camping and climbing, it is alot stronger and holds up much better. I have not broken one since i started using it. i believe it was rated at 1000lbs strength and 1/4' diameter, might have been 3/8 diameter, im not sure. I have a 100' roll of it and have had it for years, enough to do plenty recoils since we dont get out in the woods much anymore lol