"Pay-2Win" concept....


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I just posted a 'thought' I had last night on another thread and maybe this sud be posted elsewherre, but..."Clone" is the primary focus. Many/all of us are trying too 'Fix' Clone racing in-general and there are "many" good idea's given/offered thusfar, however there always 'seems' to be a down-side attached. The idea I have is a complete new line of thinking and (I believe) may have merit into solveing some major issues with the Clone program. The opening question/statement on the subject is...."How Important is it for you too 'Win'? Is it Important 'enough' for you too pay for your own 'tech'? (see "ARL---Affordable Racing League" post #51) in 'General Discussion' for more info. If you think you want too hear more, comment here! (If your ONLY going to shoot at it....don't bother)!