PCV and Pulse fitting???


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I put breather fittings in top of V/C(no plate/baffle inside) and flat spot just inside side cover. both tubes go to a tee. I have a PCV on top of that. Not real happy with the valve i bought. Doesnt really lock down either direction. but I was in a hurry. I ran it it for 20ish laps @8000 rpms. It puked 3 ozs of oil out. Mostly from case fitting. Am i missing something. In a car the valve needs vaccum to pull open the wieghted lock. I know this different, But? Other question...Would it help to angle pulse fitting away from carb in manifold? Its a 24mm round mikuni with a steel pipe manifold.


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"ditto"...similar occurance! I put a 1/8npt fitting (1/4" line) in2 the sidecover shrouded by the cam gear out to a 1/4" pvc valve (japan) and ran 2a tee at the v/c breather and terminating in2 the catch can with a 3/8" line. What I discovered was that after abt 4-5 laps (.5 sprint) I (crew-chief) wud see oil starting 2spray from the c-can breather. Final summation was: a/....too much oil, and b/....oil return hole not big 'enough'. Baffled as I was...so 2speak, I made a plexiglass side cover and started looking at oil level and realized that 13oz's w/my 10* mounts were allowing the cam gear too 'excite' the oil 2-much and...with the additional rpm, (ie: frm 6500 up to 8000+) the oil was not draining frm the top end quick enough. MY fix was too reduce the oil level and open up the oil return hole 'more'. I have also removed the PVC valve completely and am now using that 'side port' for my fuel pump pulse and everythg is working very well NOW w/ only a 3/8" line frm the V/C too the c-can. Hope this helps....JMO


Which way did you have the PVC breathing, I don't feel you need it, If you are allowing the air below the piston to move freely there is minimal resistance in the crankcase.If you are going to a tee and breathing through one tube, you may as well have just put one pipe in the valve cover.


Hey Buddy; how are you wondered if you ever looked into that Raceseng baffle we talked about a long time ago??????? Also if you don't mind me asking You can "pm" me what cam&carbs r- u runnin on the 392 & what happened 2 the 1 engine that threw the towel in?
Thank you sir; Dave


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With history on modified & limited modified Briggs, Star, and now Clones turning 9,000 + rpm, I removed the baffle in the stock valve cover, tapped 1/2" pipe/ 1/2" 90 degree hose fitting in the existing vent hole. 1/2" vent hose to a PVC valve with 1/2" fittings, above and pointed up, to a filtered catch can. Still moves a little oil but not much. Removing baffle also makes room for both Raceng and Burris rocker arms. I tried venting the crankcase on Briggs and Stars multiple places from the side covers and just pumped oil. Back to PVC valves, seems to work the best for me. Less expensive too.