Phantom chassis


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just wanted to be the first to post in this section. i got a 2011 seraph elite, got alot to learn about it but i know its a good chassis


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i have a 2013 triton. I have done fairly decent with it so far but it definitely seems like a hit or miss chassis. You could be fast one week and win the A feature then be a lap car the next week all because of tires and the racing surface. Definitely got to get the setup dialed in for all track conditions. If i dont like this chassis after i get it re scaled, raise the seat up and what not then i am going to switch to a millennium impulse. Hope this helps.
I have 05 phenom, this was my 1st year racing karts, racing dirt oval 1/5 mile won first 4 races in clone division then moved to pro clone and finished 2nd and 3rd in the first two races. Turned a lot of heads upset some veterans. After that they where gunning for me, u could more or less considerate being ganged up on. Not bad for a 55 year old against the young guns. I would like to find another 05 to run in an animal or 2 cycle unlimited class. Good chassis.


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I love my 05 Phenom, it is a great kart. I got a chance to drive a Triton a couple weeks ago for some good friends of mine....... I would trade my Phenom for a Triton without thinking twice about it. They both can be fast, but nothing can get off the corner like a Triton.


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I have a '13 triton and have had trouble with a push off. We run a 7th mile asphalt oval with fairly tight corners. Any suggestions on camber, caster, cross, LS, front, and stagger to run? We run yellow vegas. The chassis worked pretty good during the summer when it was hot. Now we run heats with partial sun on the track and the features when it's almost dark. The track is cold and handling has been inconsistent.