Phenom verses Phenom es or Phenom 2


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Can any of the Phantom guys tell me the differences between these karts and if there are any advantages or disadvantages between them. I have opertunity to buy one or the other, but don't know which is better. Thank You for your time and help.


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ES2 is a 2009 model. The front end is different, in that it uses pills for caster adjustment. Still has himes for camber.
Not the most popular phenom still a good chassis.


As flattop stated along with pills the ES2 also has no caster blocks, you just flip the pills to acheive desired caster. Other differences are the seat bar and rear cassette hangers. The ES2 also came with small rear bearings.
If your racing asphalt and dirt, either one will get in done, plan on doing some indoor concrete go with the normal Phenom for more caster options.


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The above statements are correct about the ES2. The original Phenom and ES are the same exact chassis. The ES was an "economy" package sold as a cheaper alternative to the new (at the time) ICON chassis.