if a paid subscriber,there is a attach pic option on heading.....
if they are on computor,and a paid subscriber...then go to advanced setting and then to "manage attachments" they may need shrunk though............
Mine doesnt allow upload from my computer anymore, it has to be photobucket or the picture has to have a web address
I need to find out who to talk to for my attach pic button. I know I was a paid subscriber before the crash.

yea not sure how there sorting that all out,mine was good till april 14....but for 20.00 i just started over so i could have my extra privileges back as well as help the site(bob).......
Max size on uploaded pictures is 600 x 600 pixels. If you try to directly upload it from your phone, it will be too large. The size needs to be reduced in an image editing program.
not sure how they're sorting that all out
For a fact, there is no they, just me. All alone in a spare upstairs bedroom in my home. :)

All information was lost, except for the entries in my paypal account. Since about half of the people involved have different email addresses for paypal than what they use to register with, and many have registered this time with different usernames,--- it will probably never be completely straightened out.