pink magic inside


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I was wanting to know how to us it far as if I plan on using ht3 tires and I plan on racing on Saturday how early do u all recommend rolling the tires like on wenseday or Monday how much in advance. Also I was wondering if anyone has tried the pink magic inside on Burris 33 and what it will do to them.
If u are going to run on Saturday we usually roll a week in advance 1 ounce is 3 points on durometer so I would need to know does your track bite up hard we usually run between 1 and 3 ounces for a day race the three ounce set is for if it Rains if I can help more let me know
You will want to give it a week to cure and get in the tire deeper maybe roll the Saturday befor you plan on racing.
I try and roll a week in advance. The least amount of time I give myself is 72 hrs though. I like internal and on maxxis am never less than 2 ozs. 2-4 ozs in pinks depending on bite and temp outside
Cure time is 10 days on ELs and 48 hrs on the rest of maxxis, burris, unillis, ETC... Be careful with 33s. I wouldnt go more that 50cc in them but really depends on where you racing them and or scuffing them.
Thanks I really appreciate the help this maybe a dumb question but if u use more prep on tires for a high biting track wouldn't,t that soften the tire more and cause it bite the track more or would softer tire cause it to heat up faster and free the car up more.
If you prep the tire too much you will be inconsistent. You will grip the track too hard initially, and then begin to have a handling issue towards the end of the race.