piston deck height


Okay I have a genuine gx200 block with the stock crank and a gx200 dished piston the piston is. 010 in the hole, but a honda 160 flat top (ZOT-810) with a Max stroke crank is about. 030 in the hole, it was taken out of the 160 and put in the 200 with a Max stroke crank and a billet still length rod, can anyone tell me if I get a kryo treated piston would the piston be less in the hole? If not I'll just use the piston I have Now and get a 20 longer rod


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I used a zot piston and a .020 rod and it put it about .010 pop up. Im not sure with the kryo treated piston if the compression height is any more or less. I have the two so I will measure the two and let you know. But most blocks are not the same. I built an engine with the wiseco in one block it was .014 in the hole the other it was .017 pop up so the blocks can vary alot looks like. but they are clone blocks too.