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I have a raptor 2 engine that I Am rebuilding but I cant seem to find raptor 2 rings will raptor 3 rings work as long as they are the same bore for the piston?
R2 pistons are not available in .035" over (that would be an R3 piston you have from the sounds of it - unless you are referring to the bore size and not the piston.)

I do have a set of R2 in +.030". I may even have an oversized Burris top ring for the .030" R2 piston.)

Now, if you have the newer style R3 piston, I for sure have all the rings you could ever need for that as well.

Give us a call.

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The piston says 0.35 on it, Is there a way to tell if its an r3 piston or r2 piston? or do I need to take a pic of it and you can tell me?
R2 pistons have more of a "full circle skirt" (both ends of the piston are full circles.) The R3 pistons have a barrel shape to them and have more of a "slipper skirt" design (the bottom of the piston is not a full circle.)
You can take a pic if you want, but they never made a .035" R2 piston. I'm guessing you have an R3 piston (or it could even be an aftermarket piston like we use in the limiteds.)


This is the piston, Thank you for the help.
Okay thank you guys so much, I will probably give you a call next month when i get ready to order my engine parts.