Pit help?

Just curious to why is it so hard to get pit help when your new or getting back in karting?..what can I do to get some help at the track?. I'm sure I'm not the only one.. Even Offered to pay for food and gate fee. I'm not complaining, just trying to see what I can do to get alil helping hand when it comes to racing


Mohawk Dawg
I make sure I get to the track early and wander around, converse with others at the track especially those in my class and the people pitted next to or around me. Always someone willing to help out.


It is me and my girlfriend 95% of the time. We have a system figured out that works for us.

If you get super organized with your equipment, tools and trailer you would be surprised how streamline you can get things. And how little help you really need.


what kind of help are you looking for? kart on and off the stand almost anybody will help. borrow a wrench or a cable tie, tape or something? I.ve had people lend me a sprocket. If your looking for someone to lube your chain and clean your tires and bring your kart to the grid for you...Good luck. that would be the people you bring with you including paying their way in and buying them food/drink after the race.