Plastic vs Fiberglass seats

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Is there any differences? Need probably an xl in an oval seat. Has a large on it now (Chavous) but is a little snug. What I need most is the back to be taller. Is that possible? Like an X Large Tall seat? Lol. Which has most hip room and where do I measure exactly at?

Safrits are a little wider through the hips.
Lightning lite and Umax make a seat that is a little longer in the back like the Omega by umax
Stay away from plastic, the only one I know of is Gman, and myself and a friend hated those seats.
Remember there is a rule on how far back the seat can be, and theres a good reason for it
Just a tip, look at the seats of the pro's, usually they shave the edges to get the desired result.

I prefer carbon fiber, fiberglass and forget plastic.