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OK so have two stock flathead and my daughter has decided she wants to try karts. She'll be in blue plate. Do I need to have the thing rebuilt or just slap a plate on it? I know my Dover engine came with a different cam in the box and the guys said it must have been previously set up for a kid. So that has me wondering what I'd need to do to get her set up.
Put in the plate and around a 56 jet and run it. It will get her on the track to try it out. My son started with an unrestricted flathead with a purple plate and a bigger jet. Lack of power was the least of our problems :)
Yep, just put the plate and jet in like 9sr said, just to get some seat time. Then if she wants to keep going, then you can get it rebuilt as a blue plate.
Thanks guys. Yeah that's the answers I was hoping for. Don't want to rebuild it to kid spec and then be stuck if she doesn't want to race.
It wouldn't hurt to put a smaller pipe on it (880 or 906) and a heat range or two hotter plug that what was in it for stock class.

Agree with the above posts - for just getting started, you're not looking to maximize power - just get some laps under her belt.

When she's ready to go faster, it'll likely be ready for a rebuild anyway - then have it set-up for her class.

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