Platinum Wins 11 at Pro Kart Tour, Dexter, GA

Congrats to Justin McDonald on winning 6 out of 6 this past weekend at the Pro Kart Tour, Dexter, GA winning Clone Medium, Clone Heavy, Pro Clone, Animal Medium, Animal Heavy and Pro Animal.

Nolan Starnes wins Jr 2 Mix and Blue Lite.

Darren Brown Wins Limited, finishes 3rd in Clone Medium and 5th in Pro Clone.

Mark Fleischer Wins Box Stock 375 EL and finishes 2nd in Box Stock 350 EL.

Rusty House Wins Pro Sr. Champ, 3rd in Limited, 4th in Animal Heavy, 6th in Clone Heavy and 6th in Pro Animal

Elijah Todd finishes 3rd in both Purple Lite and Pro Purple.

Tony Gaylord finishes 2nd in Limited, 4th in Clone Medium and 2nd in Pro Clone.

I'm sure I missed a lot of top 5's, so please let me know where you finished!
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