pontiac mechanics

I have a 2001 pontiac bonneville that for some unknown reason will just die . Changed the fuel pump and the filter and has been fine for the last four months or so then last night after stopping for gas it did it again, tried several times to start it with no luck then pushed it out of the way and naturally it started. Any suggestions? Thank you
Get a tube of Dielectric grease, go through all the plugs under the hood and under the car, unplug and squirt a little in each one. 80% that this will fix it.
When you crank the engine over, and let go of the key, can you hear the fuel pump making noise? If not, have someone bang on the bottom of the tank while you crank the engine to see if it starts. Have seen many aftermarket fuel pumps fail. If you hear the pump making noise, then I would check for spark at the plug wire, being careful of course. If no spark, I would go with the crank sensor.
Hey Raceragain: I just remembered a pontiac I worked on, behind the left kick panel by the drivers feet there is a wire harness plug, in that plug there is a gray wire that feeds the fuel pump, The gray wire was burned up and would run the pump intermittently. When I checked voltage at the pump it would read 12 v until I plugged in the pump and put a load on it then it would drop to 1 or 2 volts. Friend of mine found that gray wire, cut it out of the plug and butt spliced it. Problem solved.