PRC Minecon


Hey folks,
My son has been saving for a while and we are looking to get him a kart and start racing. I’ve found a 2018 PRC Minecon.

is this a good chassis to start with? Would recommend something else?


Also I’m wondering how similar the Minecon and PRC Tritons are? I have a guys helping me that raced a Triton for years and wondering if the set-ups would transfer as a starting spot.


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While on the prc topic, which chassis would be the go to choice? Looking at buying 3 prc's for my boys and want to keep them in the same ball park setup wise. Will be buying used.


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It would be hard to go wrong with triton's . They are avalible , easy to setup and not totally tire finicky .
The newer stuff might take time too source three .

alvin l nunley

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The next year is going to be all uphill. Trust me. Karting is not as simple as you might think.
Jump in, get your feet wet, the waters fine.
I have no experience personally with PRC, but from what I've seen, they make a solid kart, good quality building materials.
Do they have a dealer near you? You're going to need a lot of help over the next year and having a dealer near by, if not essential, is a good idea.
One thing you may not believe, it's going to take at least a year, give or take, to learn this sport. I think your idea to have 3 similar karts is a good idea. Identical would be even better.
Go to a nearby track, take notes, observe what karts are running up front. Hard to go wrong copying the leaders.
One thing, I don't care who tells you what, the hot shoe or the beginner, research as much as you can. Take notes on everything you can, setups, track conditions, corner weights, tire pressures etc. etc.
if there's someone in your neighborhood with scales, avail yourself with that information. Learn corner weights.
Read everything you can. If there is a dyno in your area, the information is priceless. Don't get caught up in the track politics at first, they can be poisonous.
Many people, just starting out, think karting is going to be easy, it's not! Most everybody "thinks" they are a great driver, they're not!
Most important; "have fun".


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I raced in early 2000s had a prc stalker and later a nemesis. This was the time before the clone wars. But I just want to be on the same page with the karts. If we need to find a setup I can go 3 directions with the same thing and settle on the one that works and go from there. Gonna start in putt putt and use the chassis for a few years until age or technology gets it first.