Preadtor need help on performance

Stock preadtor with govnor. What things can do to get better performace. Also if I disconnect govnor arm on top can I still set RPM ? Rule is 5500 RPM. We're does govnor kick in at . Any and all help be great thanks !!!


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No- the arm is what controls the throttle .
It all has too work together . Kinda like the leg bone is connected too the shine bone is connected to the foot bone is connected too the toe bone .


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i don't have a kart, I have a mini with a 212 hemi. Just for fun rides at the drag strip. I have a pipe , no gov, a larger carb, and a 6-degree key. I'm pretty sure I will be satisfied with the performance, but I want to learn more. I have 5 212 engs . One in parts is a non-hemi and I was wanting to build that for a mini atv. Does the 6-degree key help?