Pred 212 Breather ??


Was wondering on what I should do with the breather system on my mod predator, plan on turning 7500 + or - a few hundred. Right now I just have the stk set-up in the valve cover. was wondering if I could use the hole that the govn arm was in for a fitting. just don't want gaskets & seal leaking. Any advice would be appreciated.
put a fitting in the block and go to valve cover below baffle and go as large on top of baffle as you can to tank. Put it on the exh side of vc to lube exh valve.
so like the breather set-up that is installed on the modified animals, were it comes from the top sump cover to the valve cover ? If so, I can handle that. Thanks for the input !!
I used the hole from the gov arm. Had to cut it down about 2/3rds before tapping. Drilled a hole in top.plate. Put a gromit in top plate just because. It did work routed out the side but i liked going strait up threw plate so i could see.any oil easily. Haven't had problem yet. Worked for me