Predator 212 Engine


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My buddies and I had our first karting race ever yesterday. The track was hammer down the whole time, but the kart was still slow off the pace and sounded like it may be making a funny noise during the feature. After doing an oil change we found it looked like glitter was dumped in the oil from the metal shavings.

We bought the kart “race ready” during the off-season and have slowly been upgrading various parts like seat, bearings, floor pans. We were told the engine was 5 races old when we got it.

Should I just get a new motor, or do you think it is fixable?


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The biggest problem with a stock Predator in Karting is that a lot of cranks aren't ecactly round. Fine at their intended operating speed but will starve the rod journal for oil at higher revs. Good luck finding a truly round stock crank. Adding .001 clearance to the rod helps a lot.