Predator 212 methanol


What I have is a stage 2 predator non hemi with a hot 265 cam, 26mm mikuni carb, 26lb springs, arc billet rod and flywheel. I am wanting to run the motor on methanol. I have a pulse pump that I could use if needed. What all do u need to change? Do I need to have higher compression then stock? I have the thinner head gasket that was provided in the go powersports kit. Do u need a higher compression ratio to really benefit from the methanol? Let me know what u guys think.
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It looks like I have to go to methanol because my engine is 11.5:1 compression.

So, I've been doing research. I think you could no problem. You'll just have to really open up the jets and get some advanced key that gives you roughly 36-38 degrees of advance.


I have an alcohol carb here if ya want one. There is a little more to getting the carb correct than just jetting. They will run on just jetting but not at there best

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Higher compression ratio than what? Do you know what your compression ratio is now? Alcohol is a lot less susceptible to detonation than gasoline, so a higher compression ratio is possible, but in order to make a recommendation, we need to know what it is now. Can you cc the combustion chamber?