Predator 212 surging at high governed RPMs, 38 main jet

Caden T.

New member
Hi yall, been tuning the predator getting ready for some box stock racing. Recently put on a performance AF and 38 main jet. Ran good until we started hitting the higher governed revs and it started surging really bad.

Carb is clean and engine is close to brand new.

Haven't done any adjustment to the Idle or Air fuel ratio screw, wanted to get some advice first.

My theory is that somehow the governor is interfering or that the mixture is way to rich/fuel heavy. But everyone online reccomended this setup so idk.

Thanks in advance!
There is no air fuel mixture screw. That is what you are adjusting with the jet. The screw on the carb is idle adjustment and the one that limits the throttle is the gov adjustment. I would just back the gov adjustment out to what you are supposed to be running if I understand your question.