Predator med

running predator med.
.5 lf camber
2.75 rf camber
Tires pinks and blues 100cc 2week old roll
Gearing 18- 55

Can't seem to find speed a sec off pace any help?

alvin l nunley

Premium User
Sounds like big track!
If it was me, I'd run a lot higher tire pressures. Little to no stagger. Just a guess, not knowing the track length or the turn radius. You've got an awful lot of LR weight.
The set up sheet kinda let's you know how much information you need to make a good set up guess. Not every blank needs to be filled in for a guess.


What track first off? Next question and im pretty sure, OTB Predator? If so, your air is way low, but to be off a second, theres other tire issues possible as well. Knowing the track can maybe provide some more tire answers. 2 week old may not be the tire needed.
And one last thing, this will help a little but not a full seconds worth, nose is high for a Minecon, 45.5 is about the norm.