Predator non hemi side cover

Hello all, Cody here. Got a question about predator 212 non hemi side covers. I am putting together a non-hemi I have kept on the shelf for about 8 years. Going with a high torque low compression setup, something to cruise around with. Now, I lost the side cover a long time ago and can't seem to find one for sale. I can't afford a billet side cover as I'm scrapin' to get by. and it will never see revs over 6000, so no need for the high dollar stuff. My question is: will a side cover from a hemi or from a Tillotson work on a non-hemi block? the bolt pattern looks the same and honestly can't tell a difference. If something like journals is different, I can machine sleeves to fit or drill it out. So, tldr, Will a hemi side cover fit a non-hemi block? I want to put this together with as little money as I have.
I have access to a machine shop where I can modify stuff to fit, so if it just is something like a cam hole being too small, I can just open it up. if we are just talking about bolting it on, will something from any honda clone fit or is just non hemi to non hemi only?


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One has 6mm dowels, the other has 8mm dowels. Drill what you have as needed to make it work. It's easy. There are no other differences.
You can get spare parts from HF corporate if you call a store and get the #. Usually stuffs pretty cheap. I don't know if they have side covers. Sadly I've called a few times...