predator parts


Will any clone parts like cams, valve springs, carb and other parts fit a predator to make it faster. We run clones and they are suppoed to to be stock. We buy them from Harbor Freight and take them to a guy at the track in the box and trade him for one that is sealed. But it is racing and some of them seem to run really good. Just wondering if any aftermaket pirts will fit. Thanks
if it's the new hemi head predator, the standard type clone cam will fit. otherwise, it has to be a cam designed for the predator. the head on the other hand, can be swapped between the clone and the predator which will give it lots more power. trouble is, without a distinct styling or markings, you're not going to be able to tell the difference. you didn't say where you raced, but I have an idea on where and i can tell you now...what's sealed by one can be unsealed by another and you won't be able to tell.....don't let them fool you about tires, tires, tires or that they did thier homework or any other such nonsense....racers are racers and if i can legally or in some cases, illegally, gain an advantage, then i'm going to do it! no...i race a stock appearing class so it's all good, i'm just saying that it's possible to get around seals and wahtever to gain that advantage!! don't for a minute believe that tires are going to put you ahead of the field that fast or that far or that thier setup is any radically different than all the others out there...

anyone that tells you that tires are the secret forget that if you have a junk motor, then all the tires in the world will not make up the difference...same with the greatest motor and a junk set of + motor + setup = wins and podium finishes....leave out one of the parts or neglect one part and you ain't nuttin but a back marker racing for last place.

i would be very, very suprised that someone out there doesn't know the secret about getting around the seals and is using it against the field....all it takes is a little paint, the same kind of seals and using your eyes to see how they are sealed....beat that and your on the way to cheating....

not saying anyone is....just that it's entirely possible....
I race at a small track in Louisiana. This the first year for the track. Started out as a backyard deal and went from there. You are right about the seals they are using. I think you could duplicate pretty easy. I am going to suggest next year to use the seals that are numbered. I think it would pretty hard to duplicate them and not really hard to keep up with the numbers either. This started out to be a box stock class but it has gotten out of hand already just like the clones did.
I know you are right about the tires also. You say you are running stock appearing. What are your rules for that? They have a stock appearing class at the track but most of them have billett heads and side covers, a couple of them are running Cyclone cars, and I know a couple of them are running big valves and stroker cranks. I guess this is stock appering to them.
Anyway thanks for the post and if you could let me know about your rules I would appreciate it. Thanks
I was just wondering about aftermarke parts for the predator.